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Model: DG-18, Flat Lap Grinder

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Denver Glass Machinery has developed a diamond grinding system that eliminates the need for several separate grinding wheels. Our interchangeable magnetic discs allow the operator to go from rough grind to a final polish with one machine. Obtain true flat surfaces, seam edges and bevel large pieces of glass. Results can be fully controlled by selecting the correct abrasive and the right amount of water with the desired rpm's to achieve the finish that is needed.

Model: DG-18, Flat Lap Grinder

The DG-18 Flat Lap Grinder features a 1/2 horsepower, constant torque SCR controlled, variable speed motor. The 18" (30.5cm) lap plate is precision balanced to run smoothly at high rpm's. Adjustable water spray nozzle for complete control. The splash tray is made of stainless steel with a removable rubber splashguard. Comes with a magnet pad so you can use either magnet backed or metal backed grinding discs. Choose either our metal backed electrplated diamond discs or the 3M brand magnet backed bonded (sintered) diamond discs.

DG-18 Diamond Grinder
  22" (56cm) - Length
  24" (61cm)- Width
  41" (104cm)- Height

  Motor: 1/2 h.p.
  Voltage: 115V/230V, Single Phase
  Amperage: 5 / 2.5 amps
  Speed: 0-1200rpm
  Hertz: 50/60

DG-18 Flat Lap Grinder

Standard crating fee is $150.00.
Price does not include shipping.

Diamond Lap Grinders are available in foreign voltages; please contact us with your requirements.


Discs are metal backed to hold tight to the magnet pad provided with your flat lap grinder. Available in 12" (30.5cm) and 18" (46cm) diameters for use on our DG-12 and DG-18 diamond lap grinding machines. Available in mesh sizes to go from rough grind to pre-polish with any type of work. For example, the 60 mesh disc is very aggressive and is designed to remove large quantities of material. Good for casted sculptural work where large amounts of glass need to be removed. For most applications you would start with the 120 mesh disc and go to 200 mesh, then the 400 mesh and 800 mesh. followed by the felt pad with cerium oxide for the final polish. Call our expert sales team for advice on which pads to use for your particular application.

Electroplated Diamond Discs

The electroplated diamond discs are an economical alternative to the bonded 3M product. These metal backed discs are coated with high quality industrial diamond.

Interchangable diamond pads
18" (30.5cm) diameter 
	 60 mesh-- $450.00
	120 mesh-- $350.00
	200 mesh-- $325.00
	400 mesh-- $300.00
	800 mesh-- $290.00

3M Magnetic Flexible Diamond Discs

The 3M discs are a sintered (bonded) diamond on a flexible magnet backed disc that will last up to six times longer than the standard electroplated discs. They are the perfect choice for studios that do a large volume of grinding.

Interchangable diamond pads
18" (30.5cm) diameter 
	 60 mesh-- $1,075.00
	120 mesh-- $885.00
	200 mesh-- $735.00
	400 mesh-- $595.00
	800 mesh-- $595.00
	1800 mesh-- $595.00

Magnet Pads

Replacement magnet pad for using the electroplated metal backed discs

Magnetic pads

18" magnet disc

Perforated Felt Pad

Magnetic backed, this felt pad is perforated to hold cerium oxide and bring a final polish to your workpiece.

Magnetic backed perforated felt pads

18" Perforated Felt Pad


Cerium Oxide polishing compound

High performance polishing powder. Polishes fast and yields consistently bright finishes with both synthetic and natural felt wheels.

Due to fluctuations in the cerium market, prices vary. Please call for current pricing.

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