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Our electric furnaces are specially designed to fill the needs of the studio artist, schools and universities. Quiet, clean and safe. These electric furnaces are highly efficient and designed for constant use and long life. The crucible is investment cast to afford thermal stability. The heating chamber rests on top of the crucible casting. Each can be replaced independent of the other. The door is counter balanced and easily opened and closed with one hand. A leveling switch shuts off the power to the heating elements when the door is opened. A pilot light indicates when power is being supplied to the heating elements and an hour meter shows the commutative hours power has been applied to the elements. Each model is equipped with a venting system to allow caustic fumes to escape and prolong element life. The side mounted control panel comes standard with a multiple ramp & soak digital controller. A high quality R type thermocouple is standard on all models. The outer steel skin of the furnace is in three pieces with a removable back panel to access the crucible and upper heating chamber. Foreign models are available, specify electrical requirements when ordering. Not available in 3 Phase.

Models Available

Model No.                      Description	

EF-60                          	 220 volt, single phase, 28 amp, 6160 watts
                                          60lb crucible capacity.
                                          41" wide x 33" deep x 53" tall.

EF-135                           220 volt, single phase, 45 amp, 9240 watts
                                         135lb crucible capacity.
                                         47" wide x 38" deep x 55" tall.

EF-200                           220 volt, single phase, 54amp, 11,880 watts
                                         200lb crucible capacity.
                                         50" wide x 43" deep x 53" tall.


We offer two types of resistance wire elements. Our standard nickel based alloy (Kanthal A1) elements for temperatures up to 2200 F and a new FeCrAl alloy (Kanthal APM) for temperatures and atmospheres that conventional nickel-based alloys can not handle. Delivering improved stability at temperatures up to 2300 F with virtually no scaling.


Steel wheel casters

Please inquire:
E-mail, info@denverglass.com, or call:
Ph. 303 781-0980 / fax. 303 781-9067

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